Paving stone driveways & Walkways

Installation of top quality paving stone driveways and walk ways, starting with correctly installed base rock, to ensure a smooth and level area, with long lasting quality. We use aluminum edging to secure paving stones in place. Finishing with custom installed paving stones that meet each client’s desired design.

Permeable Paving Stones083

Specializing in installation of permeable paving stones for driveways, walkways and patios. Permeable paving stones are installed on a drain rock base which allows for water to drain through the paving stones.

*TRPA is now allowing 25% more coverage with the use of permeable paving stones which will allow you to expand an existingarea or a newly designed area.

010006Patios and outside living area

Design and installation of custom patios and outdoor entertaining spaces including; paving stone patios, raised decks, stairs, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.

010 (2)Retaining Walls

Installation of retaining walls that includes, custom decorative block walls and native granite boulder walls. Also creating functional retaining walls that control soil banks from erosion, and tearsing slope areas creating a functional space.





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